Video Demos

These informal demos demonstrate some of the many capabilities of CommunityViz software. To learn more about CommunityViz, click here. You can choose to watch these videos in HD and in fullsize. For more detailed CommunityViz Video Tutorials, click here.

  • Overview screen


    A demo of some of the capabilities and features of CommunityViz (5:44)

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  • Suitability screen


    Provides a brief demo of the Scenario 360 Suitability Wizard (2:59)

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  • Build out demo screen


    A demo of the Scenario 360 Build-Out Wizard and its capabilities (4:14)

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  • Timescope Demo screen


    This is a short demonstration of the Scenario 360 TimeScope Wizard (2:53)

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  • Scenario 3D Demo screen with houses

    Scenario 3D

    Demonstrates the capabilities of CommunityViz's Scenario 3D (5:43)

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  • Google Earth Export screen

    Google Earth Export

    A CommunityViz export to Google Earth (3:51)

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  • land use screen

    Land Use Designer

    A demo of the Land Use Designer Wizard in Scenario 360 (3:20)

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  • Comp plan screen

    Comprehensive Plan

    How CommunityViz can be used for a Comprehensive City Plan (1:59)

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  • Site Plan screen and window

    Site Planning

    View CommunityViz dynamic attributes(6:09).

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