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Request a free 30-day trial of CommunityViz 5.2. It includes all standard CommunityViz Scenario 360 and Scenario 3D components. We will need your email, but you won’t be charged and you won’t be spammed. For other downloads, visit our Downloads page.


Have you downloaded and installed a 30-day free trial of CommunityViz software? Then it’s time to give yourself a tour. Feel free to look around on your own, but if you would like some recommendations here is what we suggest:

  1. If you are not ready for a hands-on exploration of CommunityViz, you can watch video tutorials here.
  2. If you are ready to go, you can find installation and licensing instructions here.
  3. Install the tutorial dataset from the TUTORIALS tab on this page. This will give you some sample analyses to work with. We recommend creating a C:\CVFiles folder and saving your tutorials there; working over a network is not recommended.
  4. Open ArcGIS Desktop and make sure that Scenario360 and Scenario3D are enabled in Extensions.
  5. Make sure the Scenario 360 and Scenario3D toolbars are turned on.
    Scenario 360 toolbar   Scenario 3D toolbar
  6. Then access Scenario360 through the Scenario 360 icon icon in the Scenario 360 toolbar.
  7. On the welcome screen, choose Open Existing Analysis and navigate to C:\CVFiles\Communityville. (A CommunityViz “analysis” is like an ArcMap project, and Communityville will give you something to start with.)
    Scenario 360 Welcome Screen
  8. You will also have a new window called “Scenario 360 Content” with two tabs: 360 Analysis and 360 Setup.
    Scenario 360 Content Window
    If you do not see it, click this icon Scenario 360 Content Icon on the toolbar.
  9. Follow Tutorial 1 to explore Communityville. Move on to Tutorial 2 if you want some hands-on practice.
  10. Need answers? You can access the CV help system.  You can also access the online help here.



Try viewing some video demos to get a better idea of how CommunityViz works, or read some of the case studies. Or, please feel free to email; we are always happy to talk about CommunityViz and how it may be useful to you or a place you know.

Email or call, we are always happy to hear from new customers, learn about your projects, and help you along the way.

Full service Technical Support is available for most licenses. Help documents apply to the most recent version, CommunityViz 5.2. Downloads are available for some older versions as well.

These informal demos demonstrate some of the many capabilities of CommunityViz software. To learn more about CommunityViz, click here. You can choose to watch these videos in HD and in fullsize. For more detailed CommunityViz Video Tutorials, click here.
  • Overview screen


    A demo of some of the capabilities and features of CommunityViz (5:44)

    Download Transcript
  • Suitability screen


    Provides a brief demo of the Scenario 360 Suitability Wizard (2:59)

    Download Transcript
  • Build out demo screen


    A demo of the Scenario 360 Build-Out Wizard and its capabilities (4:14)

    Download Transcript
  • Timescope Demo screen


    This is a short demonstration of the Scenario 360 TimeScope Wizard (2:53)

    Download Transcript
  • Scenario 3D Demo screen with houses

    Scenario 3D

    Demonstrates the capabilities of CommunityViz's Scenario 3D (5:43)

    Download Transcript
  • Google Earth Export screen

    Google Earth Export

    A CommunityViz export to Google Earth (3:51)

    Download Transcript
  • land use screen

    Land Use Designer

    A demo of the Land Use Designer Wizard in Scenario 360 (3:20)

    Download Transcript
  • Comp plan screen

    Comprehensive Plan

    How CommunityViz can be used for a Comprehensive City Plan (1:59)

    Download Transcript
  • Site Plan screen and window

    Site Planning

    View CommunityViz dynamic attributes(6:09).

    Download Transcript

These case studies demonstrate how CommunityViz software and services have been used for real-world decision-making experiences.

The free CommunityViz Analysis Viewer lets you view and interact with CommunityViz files published in a special *.psc format by someone using the CommunityViz Analysis Publisher. To use the Analysis Viewer you will also need Esri’s free ArcReader. Once you have installed ArcReader, download and install our free Analysis Viewer below. The Analysis Viewer works on most modern Windows computers.

To use the Analysis Viewer, launch it from its desktop icon, which is a red circle labeled “360” with a magnifying glass on top, or from Start > All Programs > CommunityViz > CommunityViz Analysis Viewer. After it starts, click the blue question mark button for complete documentation and help.

Scenario 3D Viewer {.MSI, 28.5MB}

The free Scenario 3D Viewer is an application that lets you explore scenes created in Scenario 3D. The 3D Viewer reads *.scene files created with the Scenario 3D Exporter. It works on most modern Windows computers and does not require ArcMap or the Scenario 3D Exporter.

To get started, download and run one of the installers above.

For more information on using the Scenario 3D Viewer, please see the Scenario 3D Help.